Serbia 4x4 Adventure Tour

Serbian Wilderness Adventure.

  • Dates:- 22nd July - 7th August 2016
  • Location:- Eastern Serbia
  • Start Point:- Ashford, Kent, UK
  • Finish Point:- Calais, France
  • Duration:- 17 days (10 days Serbian Wilderness)
  • Accommodation:- Wild camping in Serbia

Number of 4x4: - 6 + guide vehicles

Places of Interest:- Homolje Mountains, Djerdap & Iron gate national park, Kucaj and the Rtanj mountain, the gorge of Vratna, Rtanj mountain, The Stara Planina nature park, The Danube River, Sokobanja Spa town.

General Overview

This tour is a Wilderness tour the area's we will visit will be fairly remote inaccessible area's and unpopulated. The majority of camping will be wild camping in remote areas.

We will meet on a Friday morning In Ashford Kent where we will then make our way to catch an early morning shuttle to France, from here we will start our journey across Europe heading for Belgrade in Serbia.

The journey will take us through northern France before heading into southern Germany to Munich then turning south into Austria heading for Ljubljana in Solvania. From here we head to Zagreb in Croatia. and continue to follow the E70 highway to Serbia and on to Belgrade. The approx distance is 1200 miles from Ashford to Belgrade and we hope to reach Belgrade at 15.00hrs on the Sunday afternoon.

In Belgrade we will meet our local Guide Alek who will take us to a supermarket to stock up on food for the next few days before heading off to a campsite/hotel spa complex.

The monday morning we will be heading straight into the mountains for our 10 day wilderness adventure, the further east we go the less populated the area will be, we really will be in the wilderness.

The 10 days will be wild camping, this is such a remote area there is very few campsites, some trails may also be overgrown so protection of paintwork may be required.

Our Guide, Alek

Alek has been guiding groups from western Europe through Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Romania for the past 10 years. Many travel agency's throughout Europe turn directly to Alek in planing of tours offered elsewhere, He has a second to none level of geographical expertise within the area with a personal database of GPS tracks consisting of about 30.000 km of material in Serbia alone.

Traveling to Serbia

Our aim is to travel to and from Serbia in a Convey.

All vehicles must have a working European band CB radio.

We will be traveling around 65mph along the motorways in France and Germany, If people wish to travel solo we will give campsite locations for each night.

We normally try and leave the campsite at 08.30hrs and travel in 2 hour stints breaking for 20/30 miniutes and 1 hour for lunch. This always seems to work well.

Day 1,2 & 3

After meeting at Ashford in Kent we will make our way to the EuroTunnel for a quick transfer to France.From here we will start our road trip across nothern France heading for our first nights stay near Stuttgart in southern Germany. The second day will start with continuing across southern Germany before turning south into Austria heading for Ljubljana in Solvania for our Second nights stay. Day 3 is a shorter day in miles but the roads will not be as good, we need to make Belgrade by 15.00hrs to meet Alek.

Once we meet Alek and after introductions he will take over the group and lead us to a big supermarket to get food supplies for the first several day of the tour, than refuel our vehicles, and head over to the spa resort so we can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening by the pools.

Day 4 - Monday

Today we set off into the Homolje mountains, a sparsely populated area, and renowned for its unspoiled nature.

The Homolje mountains make up picturesque landscapes of East Serbia with intriguing caves, ancient legends, customs, mystics, hidden treasures, numerous waterways, ample waterfalls, rocky peaks, lush pastures, mountain viewing points, picturesque villages and outstandingly hospitable locals.

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 4


Day 5 - Tuesday

Today we will drive a certain part on the main road along the Danube river before we finally head inland offroad, because it is also a very attractive way to get to know the Iron Gate. we will also visit a reservation with a very attractive scenic view Here we will try and get access to pass through the reservation and exit it inland, we must promise to stick to the main forest trail as this is not normally allowed. The Djerdap National Park is a blend of time and nature on land and water, the largest national park in Serbia, Djerdap National Park, is located in north-eastern Serbia, on the border with Romania. Spanning 637.99 square kilometers along 100 km of the Danube’s right bank, from Golubac to Karataš near Kladovo, the National Park comprises of zones with various protection regimes for natural objects, cultural monuments, fauna and relict plant species. Djerdap National Park is often called ‘river national park’ because the Danube makes up a significant portion of the Park. The miraculous Iron Gate, the largest and longest water breakthrough in Europe, is also a natural botanical garden and the biggest European archeological open-air museum

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 5

Day 6 - Wednesday

Today we vist the mountain of Miroc, the gorge of Vratna and the mountain of Stol. Miroc is a mountain in eastern Serbia, between the towns of Donji Milanovac and Tekija. Its highest peak Štrbac has an elevation of 768 meters above sea level. Along with Liškovac, it is part of the Iron Gate gorge of the Danube river.

The Vratna river gorge is truly a pristine landscape. It is situated in eastern Serbia, in a fairly inaccessible area of the Negotinska krajina district, which is why it cannot be called a typical tourist destination.

Moving south we head to Stol another mountain in eastern Serbia, near the town of Bor. Its highest peak has an elevation of 1,156 meters above sea level. Like nearby Veliki Krš and Mali Krš, Stol has a number of pronounced karst formations

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 6

Day 7 - Thursday

Natural stone bridges are extremely rare, and no place in the world is home to as many such gates as East Serbia. They are hidden from the view of passers-by, and the journey to these bridges is a magical experience, leading through stretches of untouched nature, an unusual mythology of creatures good and evil, and landscapes rich in gold from time immemorial.

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 7

Day 8 - Friday

Our next journey will take us to the Kucaj mountain range and the Rtanj mountain. The Kucaj mountain range are the most widely spread out mountain range in eastern Serbia and the area’s most important source of water. Aside from the Dinaric Karst they are the largest mountain karst region in Serbia

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 8

Day 9 - Saturday

Rtanj is a pyramidal shape mountain situated in eastern Serbia, approximately 200 km southeast of Belgrade, between towns of Boljevac on north and Sokobanja on south.

Today we do have the option to have a break from wild camping and head to Sokobanja instead of on lake Vrmdža, which is a big and popular spa resort with plenty of good quality rooms at favourable prices.

Sokobanja Website - Click Here

Accommadation - Hotel Spa

Actual Photos from Day 9

Day 10 - Sunday

Our next area is the mountain area Stara Planina in eastern Serbia on the border with Bulgaria. Locally named " Old Mountain " it is an extension of the Carpathian mountain range, separated from it by the Danube River. The Balkan range runs 560 km from eastern Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea.

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 10

Day 11 - Monday

The Stara Planina nature park is rich in sediments of varying ages. The landscape is criss-crossed with numerous streams and gullies. The slopes of Stara Planina Mountain towards Bulgaria are steep and hardly accessible while the western side of the mountain gently descends towards the Nišava River valley. Stara Planina Mountain is very rich in waters, mountain streams, river canyons, collossal rocks and waterfalls.

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 11

Day 12 - Tuesday

Furthe south we come to the Ruj mountain on the border western Bulgaria and southeastern Serbia. Its eponymous highest peak rises 1,706 meters above sea level. The mountain is located west of Tran and is part of the Ruy-Verila range. On a clear day one can see Rila and Vitosha in Bulgaria.

Accommadation - Wild Camp

Actual Photos from Day 12

Day 13 - Wednesday

We reach our final day within this Wilderness adventure, we today travel through the mountain region of Vardenik to the Besna Kobila an area which has 9 months of snow a year, the main route over the vast pastures on the highland lies at the altitude of 1800 m and is suitable for mountain biking, safari bus and off-roading.

Accommadation - xxxx

Actual Photos from Day 13

Day 14, 15, 16 & 17

We now have reached the end off our main adventure and start our journey home.

This Journey will take us north through Serbia then will be a relaxed return of our outward trip back to Calais in France.


You will need an international driving permit and insuranace to take your 4x4 into Serbia - click here

You will not need a Visa if you are British passport holder.

Full travel advise for travelling to Serbia - click here

This trip is open to any well maintained 4x4 vehicle.

All vehicles must have a European band CB radio.

Due to the remoteness of the area we will be travelling extra fuel cans or long range tank is essential especially for petrol engined 4x4s.

Supermarkets / Provisions

It is highly advisable to have a good quality fridge to store fresh provisons, We will be stopping at shops when we can but we advise that everyone carry's 3 days worth of food and drink

Wild Camping

We will be stopping in areas of outstanding beauty,

Whats included in the cost ?

This trip cost is for the guided trip only, it does not cover campsites or any fuel, tolls, food or ferry etc all these cost need to be made by the client.

Price:- £1150 (Per Vehicle) - (Deposit of £250 to book the remainder no later than 60 days before trip)

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