Overland 4x4 Expeditons


What do we Mean by Expedition trip!

We will be travelling unknown routes exploring, we will have planned but not done so have no idea of the conditions on the ground or even if possible, we expect these to be slightly harder than normal tours which may include rocky overgrown tracks and maybe river crossings. We will proably have to turn around sometimes and take an alternative route. The idea is not to take the hardest route, more the unknown but not to break the vehicles.

These are not full hard core offroad or a winch challenge, these are overland Expedition trips.

We expect every vehicle to be self-sufficient , to carry enought food, water and fuel for a min of 3 days, we will be travelling approximatly 60-70 miles per day but stopping at local towns and attractions if we come accross any.

We aim to be looking for a place to camp each day about 17.00hrs, this could be a campsite or wild camping,

To ensure these trips run as smoothly as possible we have a few sensible vehicle requirements, these trips are open to any 4x4 vehicle that meet the following:

1. AT or Mud tires.

2. At least 1 Spare tire the same size and type.

3. CB Radio - Checked and working.

4. Recovery points front and rear.