Waeco Fridges/Freezers

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Waeco Fridges/Freezers

Post by LostWorldAdventures » Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:27 am

12 volt Thermo-electric & Absorption coolers - http://www.my-caravanning.com/en/produc ... n-coolers/
Current draw on 12v (approx) = >9 amps (greater than)

Thermo-electric & Absorption coolers are cheaper to buy, but will generally only cool by up-to a max 30 below the outside temperature. They have a selectable range temperature range between +1°C and +15°C cooling or +50°C to +65°C heating, but what you get depends on the ouside temperature. They are also very power hungry so best to only use when the engine is running. Ideal for day trips to keep you drinks/sandwiches cool. Left on overnight will flatten your car battery.

12 volt compressors fridges & freezers Compressor Range - http://www.my-caravanning.com/en/produc ... r-coolers/ - Recommended
Current draw on 12v (approx) = <1 amp (less than)

Compressor fridges & freezers use a 'real' compressor like your fridge/freezer at home. They have a digital thermostat to select your desired temperature between +10°C to -18°C which is not badly affected by outside temperature. Ideal for long holidays in hot conditions and uses less than 1 amp power But this level of cooling comes at a high price!

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