CB Radio and the law UK and Europe

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CB Radio and the law UK and Europe

Post by LostWorldAdventures » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:26 am

Do you need a licence to use a CB radio in the UK?
The simple answer is NO, the CB licence was scrapped in late 2006. In the UK we have 2 CB bands that are legal, the old UK40 band, and the European CEPT (mid block) both bands are FM, and give you a total of 80 Channels to use in the UK.

European countries such as Ireland, France, Italy etc can also use AM, and so if you live in the travel in Europe and want to communicate with other CB radio users and get traffic reports, then consider a European AM/FM Multi-Standard CB radio.

Note: Just because you have the 40 European channels does not mean your CB is legal for Europe, these CB radios must legally be set to the country that you are in at the time of use e.g. in the UK, you set them to the UK bands.this is normally done as you switch on the CB.

Each European country has its own laws regarding licences, and it is up to the user to check the current laws in any country that they intend to use a CB radio in

Can you legally use a CB or Amateur Radio whilst driving in the UK?
Yes you can, two way radios such as CB, amateur radio, taxi radio etc are exempt from the mobile phone laws. But be aware that you will be prosecuted if your use of a CB radio results in dangerous driving or an accident.

What is the maximum power allowed?
The maximum transmitter RF carrier power output allowed is 4 Watts. The use of power amplifiers (often referred to as “burners” or “boosters”) to boost output power above the 4 Watt limit is illegal.
For equipment with an integral antenna, the maximum effective radiated carrier power is limited to 4W.

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