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Q - I have never been on a overland tour before can I still come.

A - Yes we would be delighted to guide you, many people come on our tours who have never been on one before.

Q - My Vehicle is fully standard will it still be able to make it.

A - Our adventures are suitable for all 4x4s, we do have alternative routes on most tours if required, contact us for more information if concerned.

Q - Do many families go on your adventures.

A - Yes, many families come along with children of all ages.

Q - How do I book a tour.

A - Please use the online booking form, this can be found here

Q - What is included in the price.

A - Our Tours are run as guide only per vehicle meaning you will need to book an pay for your own ferries and camping, we will always help and advise with this.

Q - Why are your tours run as Guide only and not fully inclusive.

A - This is mainly for legal and insurance reasons, if we were to arrange and take payment for your ferry and accommodation etc we would be classed as a tour operator and be bound by various laws and regulations along with expensive insurance. By not arranging and taking payment for accommodation and ferry's we are purely a tour Guide as such our insurance is as a tour guide only and probably 10th of the price, obviously the costs would be passed on so you benefit from cheaper tours.

Quite simply all this means as you are booking and paying for your own ferry and accommodation you may bring as many people as you can legally fit in you vehicle. and over time we have found some people like to be flexible and may take a different ferry, route or even spend more time away.

Q - How do I pay for a tour.

A - All payments are payable via Bank transfer (preferred) or cheque. A invoice will be sent once the booking form is recieved, the booking will be held for 7 days to allow for payment after which the place will be re-advertised.

Q - We have not driven in Europe before and would prefer to travel with someone else.

A - Everyone is welcome to travel with us through Europe to our meet campsite and the return journey home where we are not staying longer or already there..


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